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My Bad, Let’s Catch Up!


It’s been a while since I gave you some love and attention. My bad! It wasn’t because I didn’t want to but it was a combination of time and energy. I found myself trying to work my butt off but at the same time, my body was exhausted. So coming home to a glass of wine, popping on my uggs and eating yummy food was my priority and life.  The energy and effort to come on here and inspire or share something new and fun was hard. I kinda needed a time out, couch time and some trashy reality tv. You know how it is. When you just crave to do nothing! Some may say Lazy AF but I say treat yourself to stop and give ZERO F*CKS as Erika would say…Yes, I’m up to date on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So other than working my butt off and resting as much as possible…got to love chronic fatigue! Let’s have a catch up my loves.

I’ve been Exploring.
I kinda lost my mojo and my only way to find my creative juices is to explore this amazing city I call home. I think it’s good to get out of our comfort zone and trek to another part of the city to explore, taste yummy foods and hunt for new treasures. I always find myself staying around my hood. I’m a creature of habit but having adventures and discovering new things is so much fun.


I’ve been Hanging with My Peeps.
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Colour Queens, Beer and Donut festival, brunches, shopping adventures, VAMFF shenanigans just to name a few!
My bestie has come home from living overseas which is amazing from a selfish point of view. I’ve had visitors from interstate to wine and dine and catch up with. It’s beautiful to be able to share special moments with the ones that I love in old Melbourne town.
My girl Roni debuted her label Kaliver in VAMFF and I was honoured to not only wear her label next to her but to see the runway with her. My friends who have my back are my everything. Roni and I went to school primary and high school together, different years but knew one another, then once lived together in Melbourne and over the past 7yrs have watched and inspired each other to be the successful women we are. image5

I’ve Cleared the Mind and I’m Feeding the Soul.
Meditation is key to my existence! I stopped meditation and working out for a bit and found myself lost. Well lost is a strange word but for those who meditate daily will understand what I mean. I’ve been taking Kate time and getting back into my flow and it feels bloody amazing! Sleeping and napping when I can, listening to my body on what it needs and feels like. Saying No to things that I really don’t want to and putting me first! It feels great. Get on it!
I’m not one to diet, but Christmas saw me consuming lots of yummies and I felt blah! And even Feb/march I was still feeling Blah. So I’ve gone back to basics. I like simple things in life, despite what you may think at times. And while at home I’ve gone back to basic foods. Still yummy but simple and clean. My treats and bad sugary yummy things are only consumed with friends!


SO … In other words … I’m back.
I have a list of gems coming at you so stay tuned. From 5min interviews, fashion and interior brands to just some fun filled Kate thoughts about the world we live in and the people around us. And If I don’t Ruffle a feather or two. I promise I will try harder.

If you ever have a thought or found a gem you think I’d love. Please drop me a line. I’m always happy to hear what people are totally loving or hating.
KB xx

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