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Diary organisation to make motherhood easier.

Motherhood, it’s life-changing from the day you find out! It’s overwhelming, exciting and so much information is thrown at you at once. My first Doctors appointment was the most overwhelming experience. I had just got my positive blood result and every brochure you can imagine. Some positive and upbeat and then a few that made you think wow this is scary. So much information given to me at once, I had a slight panic, walked out, went to the nearest Cafe and had a moment. Called my partner and had a little cry while he was coming to pick me up.

No one tells you how much goes on during your pregnancy. ALL the appointments, from blood tests, scans, hospital tours, clinic, birth classes plus if you have other health issues or baby has health issues…you need to add more appointments to your never-ending list. You also have to buy and set up a baby’s room…cot, change table, car seat, clothing, nappies. Oh and don’t forget you need a new lot of clothing and your own hygiene supplies.

Then the dreaded Baby Brain kicks in. Goodluck remembering anything! I’m surprised I remember my name these days cause the struggle is so real. Anxiety hit when we started 2020. That’s when my brain became a foggy mess and I officially got Baby Brain. I started to panic that I was going to forget a scan or something important I needed for the Baby. A friend suggested making lists and just adding and crossing them off so the anxiety was under control.

I remembered a diary I had years ago that helped me with work and getting deadlines sorted, that I thought, why not apply the same method to motherhood.

MiGoals 2020 Diary has been my lifesaver. Let me explain to you why…
The Diary is split into three sections, space to write out your goals, plan out your week and budget your life with an extra bonus section for note-taking or brainstorming.
For me, my Goals are 3 Big major ones for the moment:
1. Giving Birth and being prepared.
– Listing all the tests, scans, baby things we need and wanted to do before the baby arrives. Including having a Babymoon with my partner.
2. Baby Room and all the Baby things we required.
– Listing all the furniture, car seats, bedding, clothing, baby monitor, hygiene supplies we needed and getting them all and not forgetting anything.
3. Preparing myself and our Life for the arrival of Our Baby.
– Self-love and understanding the process of a c-section but researching health tips for myself pre and post-baby.
– Breast feeding pumps and baby books, birthing classes, packing a hospital bag and gathering all my hygiene needs.

Post-Baby I will have new ones that I can add to my diary. Which is what I love about MiGoals. As the year goes on and I find a new Goal to set for myself and our family I can add it into the diary and work towards it. MiGoals is a local Melbourne company which also is a huge tick, I love supporting local designers and companies. Adam and Alec are super passionate about mental health, mindfulness goal setting and goalkeeping. In one of the most mentally struggling times, they have my back with this diary. They are helping me with the power of goal setting and strategies to keep you in a state of momentum.

I know it might seem crazy to hear me go on about a diary and how it changed my anxiety level, but it really has. Everything I need to do, need to buy, need to be at etc are all noted out and I’m kicking MiGoals! 😉 get it!

If you have some Goals for 2020 and feel like March is just around the corner and you feel like your getting nowhere, do yourself a favour and get one of the many MiGoals products to help you achieve what you want for 2020.
KB xx

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