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Packing for a trip is the most stressful part of travelling. I absolutely hate it! I like options and I’m no Kim Kardashian and can not afford to travel with a mile of suitcases behind me.

My Top 5 Tips I swear by before we even talk about clothing.

1)  Wear your heaviest clothing to travel in, such as trousers and a sweatshirt or jacket to keep you warm on cooler evenings. After all, airlines weigh baggage, not you.

2)  Invest in a lightweight suitcase or bag. That way you can afford to pack a bit more in there.

3)  Don’t pack anything that you can buy out at the resort, such as shampoo and conditioner. It’s often cheaper when you buy it abroad anyway. You’re likely to be provided with towels and a hairdryer at your hotel too.

4)  Be ruthless with your clothing. Whatever clothes you think you’re going to need, get rid of at least a third. You’ll probably spend most of your time in your swimwear or your favourite basics depending on the climate.

5)  Roll, don’t fold. Not only does it save space, but it avoids creases too. Tuck underwear into the gaps and stick rolled up socks inside shoes.

Ok so now let’s talk about what to actually pack!

Essentials (Overseas)


Travel insurance documents

Tickets/booking confirmations – flights, accommodation etc.

Bank cards, foreign currency and maybe a travel money card


Sweatshirt/cardigan/light jacket for cool evenings  x 3 (can be worn to travel in)

Scarf / Beanie / Hat (can be worn to travel in, to avoid damage)

Jeans / Overalls

Closed-toe shoes & Sneakers (can be worn to travel in)

Basic Day tops x 4

Evening Tops x 4

Special Outfit x 1

Swimwear x 2

Underwear x 7

Socks x 7

PJs x 1

Toiletries and Medication

Toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste

Small roll-on deodorant (size matters)


Make-up (only what’s necessary)


Small moisturiser with SPF


Any personal medication

Everything Else

Mobile phone/charger/headphones


Travel adaptor



Reading material


Clutch for evenings

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.42.20 pm

I like to make everything minimal. Denim, Black and white with a few accessories as a pop of colour. I’m about to go overseas and this is what my packing looks like.

I love hand luggage when travelling. You don’t have to check your bag in and can get straight off the plane into your holiday!

I’m loving Catherine Manuell Designs at the moment. The prints are divine, lightweight and you can grow the collection in one print.


Pops of colour Baby!!! I like accessories as they can dress up or down an outfit.
Sunglasses are a must and I always pack x2 as I like a fun pair and a more classic pair. I’ve found ROC Eyewear have a great range for travelling. They aren’t costly which is great, in case you lose a pair. The collection is so on trend and has something for everyone.
A hat is a must, for when your travelling and need to wash your hair but you might be somewhere that makes it tricky to wash! Yes, we have all been there and let’s be honest we get that way when we aren’t on holidays.
Scarves are my favourite accessory as you can dress up a basic black outfit and hit the town in an exotic location. I’m in love with Silviya Neri scarves. So bold, full of colour and the prints are amazing!
Shoes, It’s a hard one ladies. No, you can’t have a bag just for shoes. I’m about to go away for 6wks and I’m taking 2 pairs of shoes and snow boots. Yes, x3 in total. Converses for the casual moments, Black leather ankle boots for the evening and some daytime, snow boots cause it’s NYC in winter. I am sneaking in my Uggs for the plane tho. Small comforts on long flights.



Like I said above I like to keep everything minimal in colour and mix and match everything.
Dress things up and down.

I love an oversize jumper, gym pant and runners for the plane. It’s all about comfort.

Good quality basic tees are key! I’m a massive fan of Double Trouble label. Their tees are quality and I love the little details.

Denim. It’s an easy one to dress up or down. I’m a massive fan of Free People. The denim is fab and I love the colours and the quality is brilliant.
I’m on the whole overall trend, I just can’t get out of them at the moment.

Add in a few nighttime tops like my fun NANA JUDY sequin tee and a simple black pair of wide leg pants and there is all your going out looks.

Don’t forget a jacket. I again, select a jacket that’s smart but casual. Again being able to mix and match with everything you have and from day to night. I’m all for a blazer jacket and totally in love with my Hello Parry jacket.

I always pack one wow outfit. Cause let’s be honest you always have a wow kinda night that needs a crazy outfit. My go-to wow is sequins. You really can’t go wrong with sequins baby. My latest purchase for my upcoming trip from Boohoo is a black sequin jumpsuit. It’s glam and fun!

Add in socks, undies and bras and you are packed!


Keep it simple. Anything you can buy away I highly recommend. I always take my MILK & CO minis just in case I get stuck somewhere but they hardly get used. I’m a creature of habit with my White Glo toothpaste so I always take my own. Hand cream is a most and it always Charles & Lee.

With makeup, again keep it simple. Let’s be honest if you’re going overseas your going to buy makeup as it’s cheap! I only pack the basics.



Don’t forget a book and a journal. Hours on a plane can become a great time to get your ideas and thoughts on paper. If you are after a new book recommendation, go grab The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK, Mark Manson is a genius. It’s highly entertaining and good for the soul.

Don’t forget lip balm and a pen!



I’m all about the roll. It’s like playing Jenga.


Next time you are packing, think about my helpful tips and don’t over pack!

Safe travels & Goodluck!

KB x


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