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Hello New World

This photo was taken nearly 3mths ago, no makeup but feeling fantastic. I did something that changed me for the better.

2015, you really gave me everything…and I mean the complete roller coaster, actually more like a haunted house…was fun, exciting and adventurous but you also scared the crap out of me a few times.
I thought 2014 was a crazy year, but you out did yourself 2015.
I’ve become one hell of a strong female over the past two years, every experience was a lesson learnt and I pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I could deal with.
I’ve finally learnt something I’ve struggled with for years… People are strange creatures… We can’t always understand them or how they react or control what they think/say or feel towards you. You can’t people please everybody! Cause in doing so, you slowly destroy yourself!
At the end of day…people will always gossip, Chinese whispers will always happen, and you may as well give them something to bitch about…be happy and get on with what makes you happy!

2016, I feel like we are going to get along well! The universe has already given me a sign, my phone froze and had to be restored to new phone yesterday morning…yes contacts, photos, the works gone. Let’s just say I now know the importance to backing up! But something crazy happened, not everyone went. It was like it culled what was no longer needed in my life. A fresh start to a new year!

So back to this photo from nearly 3 months ago… After a crazy year, I was struggling…both emotionally/mentally and physically. Universal Meditation was someone I have followed for a while but every time he was in town I was busy etc. But nearly 3 months ago the universe decided it was time and I wasn’t working for the 4days he was running his course.
Before this course I had tried meditation and all different balance/relaxation things…but nothing worked!
I’m proud to say…I’m one of those meditation people. It was the most amazing 4days and truly something I will remember for life. I can’t thank Buck enough for his guidance and support through this journey so far.
I’m so excited to go into this year with more focus, no insomnia, balance, more creativity, energy and drive.

In 2016, do something for you. Make yourself happy. I like to learn new things or more about the things I already know.
knowledge is power! Be curious, ask questions and seek new skills. You are never to old or to young to build a stronger version of yourself.
KB x

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