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With the lead up to run season, I’m sure everyone’s getting excited for City2Surf, Run Melbourne etc and starting to think TRAINING.

I think our key points to remember are:

w/up: Warm Up, should always be a very easy pace and you should be able to easily hold a conversation.

c/down: Cool Down, should always be a very easy pace and you should be able to easily hold a conversation.

Easy Runs: Faster than your warm up or cool down pace at approximately 60% – 70% effort, you should still be able to have a conversation.

Steady Pace: Breathing becomes more difficult and you would no longer be able to hold a conversation, approximately 70 – 80% effort.

On/Off efforts: On/off efforts (intervals) are when you run at a quicker pace approximately 80 – 90% effort (On) for a set period of time, this is then followed by an easy pace jog or walk which is a recovery period (Off) for the same duration, or the specified off duration on your program.

Easy – Steady – Easy: These are continuous runs but of a mixed tempo, they will help build endurance and speed. Your efforts for these should be easy 65% – steady 75% – easy 65%.

Hill Session: Find a hill 100m to 150m long and run with steady effort up, then walk/jog back down as your recovery between each effort. Continue this for the specified duration.

REST Days: Rest days are programmed in to your training schedule to allow the body to recover and adapt to the training you have been doing. You can cross-train on these days with a low impact aerobic activity or strength training.

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But if your looking for a helping hand, Aktivaal have your back.
They have the RUN BOX. With all the goodies in it to help you on your run journey!

It’s got everything you need for your best run yet and ensures you get all the maximum benefits of running by including items designed to help you increase your speed and agility.

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What’s in the box?

Aktivaal fitness mat

Stylerunner voucher to the value of $50

iKOU Muscle Aromatherapy Soak (125g satchel)


Agility ladder

Skipping rope

Protein shaker

Stainless steel water bottle

Fitness towel

Everything you need for increasing endurance and speed on the track and beyond – Perfect for those training for a triathlon, marathon or even a fun run.

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Aktivaal suggest with the run box:

To improve your running, include a variety of different sessions to your training schedule – tempo runs, Fartlek, Interval and Long Runs are all great ways to increase your endurance and speed.

Tempo Run – Start a 45 minute run with 15 minutes of easy running, 20 minutes at a medium pace and then a 10 minute easy run to the finish.

Fartlek –  Is a mix of fast pace running followed by an easy pace run. By adding the Fartlek technique to your sessions, you will develop your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems which are really important when trying to increase your pace.

Long runs – These are the largest runs in your training schedule and are to be completed at an easy, steady pace. 




Happy Running!

KB xx

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