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Travel Meets Fitness – RBT’s New Luxury Bali Retreat.

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When Travel and Getting Fit become one with RBT’s New Transformational Luxury Bali Retreat.

Is it just me or do we all want to go somewhere amazing right now? Melbourne weather is depressing, winter is here and I honestly want to be anywhere that has sun!! I also want to stop consuming all the chocolate (yes, nearly a block of chocolate a day, don’t judge!) and bad but yummy foods I can find. Im a comfort eater, I eat so much in winter as Im cold!!

I can hear you all saying, ‘Oh my god, Im the same!!’
So how do we find sun and stop eating our winter blues away?!

I have found our solution but you may never want to come home!
Disclaimer* Don’t hate me for what Im about to show you.

Welcome to RBT‘s New Transformational LUXURY Bali Retreat.

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Result Based Training (RBT), one of Australia’s leading body transformation gyms, has just launched their latest venture: a luxury five-star villa in Bali located near Uluwatu, combining an amazing getaway with some life-changing training and coaching!


Running for 6 nights and 7 days, the program is designed to help everyday people like you and me kick start their weight loss with RBT’s signature fat loss program, a plan that is used at RBT’s ten transformation gyms which span Australia, the UK and the US.

Here comes our summer bodies Ladies and Gents!!

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Begin your day in tranquil paradise, surrounded by nature. Gently start the day with a relaxing yoga session, followed by strength sessions from some of RBT’s leading transformation experts. Designed to not only help with improved muscle tone, this will also help increase your metabolism and kick those unwanted kilos to the curb.

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Through intense daily group training during your stay, RBT will make sure that you are armed and equipped with the best knowledge via your own private personal trainer, along with nutrition and meal planning advice. They will also teach you to best utilise gym equipment to your benefit and individual body goals.

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After working those muscles throughout the day, lay back and feel rejuvenated with an included massage and meditation session, easing tension, reducing aches and pains, and preparing your mind, body and soul for the following day’s training regime.

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It is not just all about fitness and feeding you great healthy meals, RBT provides four educational cooking classes held during your stay, because it is important you can implement it at home. The classes are designed to educate, inspire, and kick start your journey to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, while harnessing the skills to help you drop weight, tone muscle, manage calorie intake, and keep you away from unhealthy fad diets.

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These classes include hands-on tutorials with recipes for delicious snacks and meals, as well as tips and tricks to use every day to guide you in preparing meals that are far from the boring chicken and broccoli in plastic containers.

RBT takes pride in curating a training regime that is designed on an individual level, and provides excellent service and support to those who are ready to take their health to new heights. After you embark on your health journey at the retreat, for new members, you can come home and continue your comprehensive training with RBT’s signature 28-day program that is available only in their gyms with one of their expert personal trainers. Or you can also continue your training online through RBT’s digital program, where all the proceeds go to RBT’s partnering charity, YGAP.

Training with a Difference! x


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    Could u let me know cost for 1,2,3 ,4 weeks stay I am interested in making a trip 7-10 days

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